New addition to my Studio at Jody Bruce Art

Introducing my newest addition to my studio. His name is “Rupert” . We picked him up from the SPCA in July and has been a great addition to our family. Rupert has found his favourite place in my studio to keep me company while painting. Now that fall has arrived I am back full time in my studio I look forward to sharing my newest creations!!


Local Okanagan : Art and Wine at Quail’s Gate Winery

“Spring Winefest at Quail’s Gate Winery featuring “Jody Bruce Art’  May 4- 13

Jody Bruce Art is looking forward to a wonderful pairing …. WINE and ART .
I will be on site live painting May 5 , 1-3 pm. Art work will be on display in the wine shop May 4- 13
Please join Quail’s Gate winery and Jody Bruce Art for a beautiful Okanagan event


LIBERATED DREAMS – International art exhibition – Ferrara Italy


International Exhibition of contemporary painting, water colors, sculpture, mixed media, photography and digital art. Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy 21-29 APRIL 2012 By Trevisan International Art.

Below is a review taken from Liberated Dreams Artists Program:

Jody Bruce, aware of the anxieties of the contemporary reality she investigates and penetrates, is nonetheless able to deliver it to us transformed into positive energy and chromatic power. She belongs to no artistic school, nor does she employ a single pictorial language. Following her passionate personality, she continually opens up to new contaminations and stimuli: her temper would never let her limit herself to just one style: that would end up subtracting vital energy to her expressive creativity. Thus are her paintings created: always fascinating in their combinations -driven by some internal dynamism – of vibrant colours, forms, textures and surfaces.


Bruce feels an irresistible fascination for extraordinary natural landscapes as well as for ordinary, daily ones, like dawns or cloudy days. Her pictorial and aesthetic sensitivity is strongly stimulated by them, and driven to paint using wide, dancing brushstrokes. Her marked strokes, free gestures and artistic harmony convey actual rhythm to the painting, as if music were guiding her brush. Her rhythmic strokes are central and must be interpreted not only as automatic gestures, but as an extension on canvas of the painter’s experiences, deeper layers and intense love for music and nature. This artist, using her fantasy’s rich palette of colours, produces compositions of forms and colours in which signs and space are suggestively investigated, while at the same time exploring rhythm, harmony and the territory of the abstract.

The spectator is stimulated by her chromatic forms – which enjoy matter and movement effects originating in her dilated and thick strokes – and is invited to look at his innermost reality, as well as to create himself an illusory one. This author can give life to a type of painting that is essentially both unconscious, poetic and musical, and a real and imaginary metaphor, never completely revealed. The spectator is thus lost as a new chromatic and pictorial universe unfolds.

Jody Bruce wants to invite us to overcome the cultural, geographic and linguistic barriers that so often limit communication and mutual understanding. She aims – not with words but through her fresh and straightforward art – at creating a bridge uniting faraway, different, yet rich and fascinating cultures. Her attempts preserve all the pleasure she feels in making art cultures. Her attempts preserve all the pleasure she feels in making art due to her constant and enthusiastic enjoying art’s playful component.

Paola Trevisan


New Show: counting down the days

Exciting news for Jody Bruce Art: Confirmation that my contemporary paintings have arrived in Las Vegas. Just over a week until opening night at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (SNMFA) showcase. International artists will be attending.