JodyMy subjects are drawn from my imagination

and their flowing lines are helped along by the music I listen to while painting.

My inspirations come from direct contact with my family and the world around me. My confidence with the use of bold colours and flowing brush strokes echo the dynamic sounds and movement of my immediate environment: the wind in the trees, water over rocks, the laughter and buoyancy of our young daughter.

My creative process is simple but by painting bare-foot, I let the painting take me where it needs to go. Each canvas contains the repeated use of recurring shapes in nature, creating a hypnotic rhythm and a sense of movement long after the music has stopped.

Locally and internationally recognition has been growing for my work. My works has been shown in U.S.A. ,Italy , Japan and Canada.

Award winning “Best of Show Flat Work”  2014 ,Artist Studio ,Western Showcase at the Calgary Stampede.

I live in the Okanagan Valley with my husband and daughter.