My work is inspired by the beauty in nature. I only paint nature in its organic setting. I never paint anything man made yet it is hard to find untouched land . In my paintings I remove roads, boats, cities, people …only painting the underlying natural content. All of my colours are predetermined for the canvas and controlled – nothing is blended or mixed on the canvas. Needing to feel grounded, I can only paint barefoot. I listen to music – LOUD – trying not to hear chatter in my head while moving around the canvas in rhythmic movements.

I measure my work to keep perfect balance. I love to explore colour and control the relationship between colours next to each other. I work in linear patterns while staying fluid. Fluid yet controlled; planned but letting emotions explore colour and movement. I love to challenge my style on the canvas from inspiration in my daily life.

I am drawn to the moon as part of my work because I feel that is full of energy. I am drawn to the energy. A full moon is mysterious and beautiful. The circular shape is represented in my paintings, as is the sun. When I apply the brush strokes around the circle, whether moon or sun, the movement follows the energy to the outside of the canvas.

My trees are created to connect life above ground to the growth and life below the ground. Even in winter, when nature is sleeping. My trees are each unique and seem to be dancing on the canvas.

i live in the Okanagan Valley Canada with my husband and daughter.